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Shot Down Twice is a hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.
Founded in 2019, the band started when four metal musicians came together with a vision of starting a rock and roll band. Each member came with plenty of experience under their belts - it was only a matter of turning that knowledge into something great. The band does not hold back from going over-the-top with their sound - from ultra-fast guitar solos to massive vocals... each song from Shot Down Twice will keep you highly entertained from start to finish. The live shows are equally as wild, with lots of chest-pounding, drinking, behind-the-back guitar solos and each member bringing their own loud personality to the table.

On the vocals: Carmen North brings a powerful sound with dynamic vocals that could either rumble the ground or shatter the glass in your hand. Lyrics about rage, revenge and devilish indulgence are delivered with absolute ferocity, and a friendly smile in between rock and roll stank faces. Her voice has been compared to other great vocalists such as Ann Wilson of Heart, Lzzy Hale, Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford. Attention to detail in Carmen's songwriting will take you to some strange and exciting places. 

On the guitar: Jeff Wilson is a shredder and songwriter who never relents until he finds the magic. He is a guitarist with a great ear for strong riffs that beautifully support the vocal melodies; but most importantly, deadly solos that make you want to watch in awe. Inspired by the great Dimebag Darrel and Zakk Wylde - Jeff is a guitar master that the new generation of rock fans will adore. He is the one to talk to if you want to talk business with the band - he's as reliable as he is fast on the fretboard.

On the second guitar: Pat Rogers is a brilliant, highly skilled expert on all things guitar-related. Not only is he a walking encyclopedia of rock and roll - Pat's guitar work in Shot Down Twice sounds smooth and controlled, while taking you by surprise with memorable melodies that hold nothing back in terms of power and intensity. He is known to rip a guitar solo behind his head like it's no big deal. Pat is a musician who was undeniably born to be on the stage with the amps turned to the maximum.

On the bass guitar: Johnny Dee is a multi-talented and dedicated musician with a personality that you cannot help but love. Johnny joined the band
in late 2021, and he left an impression with his bright green bass guitars and his lively on-stage presence. Johnny is the creator of Highfield Studios and is the producer of the Shot Down Twice livestreams on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Each member makes Shot Down Twice a truly wild and unforgettable band. If you love rock and roll at it's craziest, with some highly thoughtful moments as well - check it out at ShotDownTwice.com or find them on social media @shotdowntwice .

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