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Review by Poleto

Shot Down Twice. Interesting name for a band. Even more for a debut album.

The Runaways is the first reference that comes to mind listening to the band. Bitch is the second. Both bands with strong female vocals and neat instrumental. Here the guitars talk louder. “Shot Down Twice” has many sweet guitar interventions mixing techniques. I mean, rhythm is purely seventies with those thick and full chordly riffing but the guitar solos are mostly from the 1980s using major scales. In addition to that a very cool guitar tone that – let me guess – must come from a Fender Strat. I may be wrong but the sound of the guitars are from a Fender Strat. Or only Strat.

“Shot Down Twice” is the kind of album that I had to listen more than once. Or even more. It’s no secret I like bands with female vocals especially if they are strong and prominent. I really dont understand why some critics keep asking for changes if a band as Shot Down Twice fulfill everything so easily. No need to change, no need for a change. Only of mentality. Kepp away this commercial mentality of always needing to have a new product. From where I’m standing the only defect of the album is to be so short. It could have been a little bigger with more songs.

Interesting about is that Shot Down Twice on the opening track “By Design” they avoid following vocally the chordly, and strong, riffing which is a natural tendency. So, the song offers two distinct melodic paths that enrich amlot the outcome. Here we have a great example of a heavy song in contrast with a fast song. “By Design” is very heavy with no need to be fast. The guitars fill all the empty rooms of the song. That’s heavyness. That’s power. “Talk to Me” initially follows the same path though after the initial moments it breaks the heavyness with an acoustic passage to then go interweaven both acoustic with thick riffing. Your especial attention, my dear fan, to the Steve Ray Vaughn driven “Long Haul Blues” a song that with not the intent to honor the master but which did it. “Undermine/Overthrow” has a punk inspiration except for the guitar solos. The simple but effective guitar riffing reminds a lot 1970s first Punk bands. The mighty Wendy O. Willians (RIP) has her touch here.

“Shot Down Twice” an album to be recommended with flying colors. Simple, heavy, strong.

Shot Down Twice “Shot Down Twice” was self-released on January 21st.



Review by Dan Marsciano

" The self-titled EP from Canadian hard rockers Shot Down Twice is their second one, with 2020’s Got Up Once putting across their high-energy anthems mixed with some bluesy influences. That mix is elaborated upon on this release, especially the latter part of the blend on a jammer like “Long Haul Blues.” There’s a bluegrass vibe in the acoustic guitars used on that song’s intro, which works as well for them as a hellraiser like “Undermine/Overthrow.”

The bold guitar solos from Got Up Once return for this release with even more fervor. Closer “Goddess Of The Sun” is an understated gem to the EP, letting the five-and-a-half minutes build to an eventful finish. The eponymous EP makes it a clean sweep so far for Shot Down Twice, as they hopefully gear up for a full-length soon. "



" SHOT DOWN TWICE is a band I wasn’t sure if I’d like, and now I’m quite enamored of them. Perhaps I am picking up on the five-member crew’s deep love for bombastic virtuoso heavy metal.

There are tasty vocal chops on lead single “Talk To Me” and it just keeps getting more impressive as the song drums on. This is a party song and one that doesn’t like frowns. Hell livewire Carmen North will just come right up to you sitting shyly there in the corner nursing your drink and get right up in your face like a Twisted Sister music video. Towards song’s end, she erupts with surprising vibrato and throaty fuck-you high notes, executed effortlessly with all the implied vim and vigor. I love the ending, it’s pure jazz.

Next song is a pure menace, with some real ants-in-my-pants guitar work. And with Carmen’s part here, I’m kind of reminded of Mona Miluski’s intensity from High Fighter.

I must pause to compliment the production work of Tyler Williams at Monolithic Productions, which is top notch. He captured each song of the record with clarity, dimension, and color. There were moments for Carmen to dream up some deliciously effective vocal harmonies, and I didn’t see a back-up singer credited, so I’m assuming these were just some creative liberties in the studio. Hey, it was good enough for Layne Staley on his last Alice in Chains album. And I would be disappointed to not otherwise hear some of those wonderful and climactic moments on “Long Haul Blues.” If there’s any song that shows off the band’s songwriting prowess, this gets the blue ribbon (I could have said, “blues ribbon,” but resisted).

However, I may have spoken too soon, for every track seems to up the ante over the one that came before. No surprise, when you have firepower like Jeff Wilson (formerly of Sludgehammer) and Pat Rogers from Profaner, Phear, and Hallows Die trading off these crazy-ass solos. Carmen’s vocals on “Undermine Overthrow” would like to tear the gizzards right out of you, so you’d best get out of the way.

“Goddess of the Sun” is reminiscent of late-90’s post-grunge and would have found a welcome home with Alanis Morisette and any of the System of a Down ballads. But wait, the song isn’t over! The guitar revs up for Act II, as a determined tempo is measured out by Rusty on the drums (also with Profanor, The Hype, and The Next Level). And, of course, you knew those vicious axemen were gonna come a chopping in the final moments. The track even ends like grunge, on that uncertain, but oh so very cool, “question mark” of a chord.

Fall in love with Shot Down Twice today, ‘cause it’s not hard. It feels like they should be from Portland, because I want to pair them with musical kindred spirits like Tigers on Opium, Hippie Death Cult, and Young Hunter and get them out on a Western States jaunt pronto. Better still, we could cross the border (legally or otherwise) and see Shot Down Twice perform on their own turf at their favorite Ontario hole in the wall.

'Shot Down Twice’ (2022) releases independently in digital format on Friday, January 21st (pre-order). Doomed & Stoned is happy to host this rambunctious debut in the meanwhile. “We’re beyond excited to release our second EP,” says the band. “There was no holding back with this particular record. We hope that your New Year’s resolution is to rock out more.” "


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Review by Simon Black. 8/10 

" Hailing from Ontario in Canada, Shot Down Twice are on their second EP as they try and punch out to a wider global audience, which let’s face it has been something of a challenge for any band just getting going during the shit show of the last couple of years. Given that so many acts in that situation are effectively shooting in the dark without the benefit of honing their craft in front of demanding live audiences, this can be a challenge. That said, Shot Down Twice seem to be doing fine on the song-writing side of things, which is probably not surprising given that none of the members are on their first rodeo (although this act has only been going for a couple of years). Getting out live might prove to be interesting given that their studio rhythm section is one man, so either another pair of hands is going to be needed live or the bass or drums are going to end up on a click track when on stage (which let’s face it, is deeply unsatisfying both for the players and the audience given that it robs a performance of the risk and edginess that live shows bring with them), but that’s a problem for another day.


Musically, this is good old fashioned Hard and Heavy Rock, although there’s a little more of a Metal edge to it given that the two guitarists are more than happy to take a little bit of Iron Maiden/Wishbone Ash harmonised riffage into the mix, plus a certain amount of down-tuned heaviness which always brings weight to proceedings. The songs are flexible and surprisingly varied, but there’s a clear house sound, built mainly on the back of the positively tangible chemistry between the players. And then there’s Carmen North’s somewhat spectacular range and gutsy delivery, which belies her youth and really holds court well whilst still keeping the cohesive band feel. She’s emphatic and confident in her phrasing, and the net effect is of a much more established and mature band rather than something brand spanking new and – more importantly exciting. Even when they strip things back with the acoustic ballad opening of ‘Goddess Of The Sun’s opening bars, I’m wowed by the subtle and emphatic harmonies in the vocal lines, and when it switches pace to a mid-tempo semi-acoustic rocker the switch does not jar, because these guys weave so well together. It’s not so much a case of shot down as shooting very high indeed.

I’m only a couple of listens in and I want more baby, much more – and I think that you might too. "

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From Inside Halton/Burlington Post


Article by Kathryn Dunmore

From @THEROCKREVIEW on Instagram:

" HEY ROCKERS!! We are very excited to introduce you to this awesome new hard rock band - SHOT DOWN TWICE @shotdowntwice 🤘🤘 This brand new band, formed in February of this year and hailing from Toronto, Canada, know how to ROCK you off your feet!! We present to you here ’The Legend’, from their new EP called “Got Up Once”. If you like bands such as The Amorettes and Airbourne, you will love the energy that Shot Down Twice bring to the party. With powerful vocals and strong riffs to get you head banging, this catch band will make you want to listen to more rock and roll 🤘🤘. Head over to Spotify or Youtube to take a listen to the full song, and the rest of their new EP! The link is on our Facebook Page and Youtube channel. This band ROCKS!!!
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From @OPEN.MUSICREVIEWS on Instagram:

" Shot Down Twice fuels your motorcycle for the ultimate road trip. A morbid woman pours you a drink and sees a legend in your eyes. You leave the bar energized to ride the freeway until dark before digging a hole to pitch your tent for the night. The morning Sun reveals a mirage of a gas station reminding you to continue your journey towards the blazing horizon.

Recommended songs: Morbid Woman, Got Up Once, Mirage "